Adel at the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference, Stockholm 2017

Simon White
Sep 11, 2017 · 2 min read

On the 7th of September I had the pleasure of attending the Blockchain & Bitcoin conference in Stockholm. The event was held at the Elite Hotel Marina Tower, a building with a beautiful view of the waters which surround the city. My primary interest was not the lovely location, I was interested in hearing Gabriel Dusil of Adel speak and then conducting a follow up interview with him afterwards.

Gabriel spoke just after the lunch break, detailing the idea incubation process that Adel will implement. He began by exploring the concept of an idea, namely, the differences between a revolutionary and evolutionary idea. This set the scene for the introduction of how Gabriel believes that “the aspect of blockchain is that we are looking at a market which is the biggest evolution since the creation of the internet”.

Some information which Gabriel explained I have touched on in my previous article, all of which is available in the 11 white papers and a comprehensive FAQ page on the Adel website.

He then went onto explain the I2 P2 E2 process, how an idea is taken and hopefully incubated into a successful business. The comparison between Adel and the DAO has been brought up on numerous forums and Gabriel explained very clearly how they are different. “What we want to make sure is that we don’t want to incubate projects which are illegal, immoral or unethical”.

He explained that the Adel incubation process is a decentralised-centralised method. The centralisation ensures that the projects are fit for purpose, legal and have the potential to prosper. The community is involved in the whole process, from selection to the building of the projects, but a centralised backbone ensures that the work gets done and the ideas can come to market.

Adel will be uploading the presentation shortly.

My interview with Gabriel

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