How to remove disposable gloves

Many people in the construction industry choose to use disposable gloves when working in environments from which they could easily pick up a contaminent, whether it be working with grease or working in medical settings. The process of removing disposable gloves is equally important in ensuring no contamination is spread.

The key to removing disposable gloves is to never touch the skin with the outside of the gloves, but it easier said than done and it’s advisable to practice removing your disposable gloves with a spare pair beforehand.

The following steps represent best practice for removing disposable gloves:

  1. 1. Take hold of the outer surface of the disposable glove close to your wrist
  2. 2. Carefully pull the disposable glove inside out, bringing the inside of the glove towards your fingers, without touching the exposed wrist.
  3. 3. Leave the fingers gloved for now, and with gloved fingers, take hold of the second glove at wrist bringing the fingers away from the wrist removing the glove but holding it with the gloved fingers.
  4. 4. Over a bin, remove the remaining disposable glove with your free hand touching the inside of the glove, disposing straight into the bin.

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