Is it ok to put a logo on your hard hats?

Every business wants to create the right kind of impression when their employees are onsite and hard hats represent a great opportunity to promote your brand whilst keeping your employees safe.

Here at OBAS we provide thousands of personalised hard hats to organisations in the construction industry every year.

We are especially careful about the size and positioning of the stickers we use on our branded hard hats, as the placement and size of the branding can have an impact on the regular inspection of the condition of a hard hat.

Even the smallest cracks in a hard hat’s surface can compromise the performance of the hard hat so it’s important the wearer should be able to see as much of the surface as possible. The wearer and employer must be confident with the hat for it to be in use.

The self-adhesive vinyl products we use to create personalised hats are unlikely to react to with the plastic of the hard hart however other stickers may cause potential chemical reactions with the plastic. Any chemical reaction between the hard hat and the sticker could compromise the safety of the wearer and the area surrounding the sticker should be checked as part of the routine inspection.

In addition to being able to inspect the surface of the hard hat it’s important to be able to see the hard hats expiry date, which is either stuck on or embedded in the plastic of the hard hat.

It’s important to create the right perceptions for your team whilst they’re onsite and personalising hard hats is a tremendously popular option however the safety of your team must remain the primary concern when providing construction workers with hard hats.

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