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Certified as a Project Management Professional, sounds good, right?

After having managed projects for more than 6 years, I embarked on the journey to take the PMP® exam with a lot of confidence and believing it is a matter of 4h / week for 4 weeks.

Depending on your experience, it could be exactly that. If you have experience in managing complex projects, building airplanes or heavy machinery in an established project organization with a defined PMO office and 100s of project managers, you might be able to take this exam with closed eyes.

If you work in a dynamic tech startup, the PMP® questions and guidelines may seem…

Or some ideas on becoming an adult learning master for non-masters

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Ilove learning. Even back in high school, I immensely enjoyed the variety of materials, the ways books and chapters are structured, the visual simplicity of brain posters and the effect different teachers had on our interest, motivation and performance. Back then, I had no idea that could be a profession.

Today, I am well into the “learning profession” and could confidently say I have a great intuition about designing courses, planning and facilitating workshops, or turning dull documents into elegant learning materials.

But intuition is not enough.

A few…

The communities of learning — it’s one of those topics that many webinars have been broadcast on, many learning gurus got social followers because they mentioned it on twitter and it got into the the agenda of 50% of L&D meetings. But what do we know about it? Is it an online portal, a facebook group, a round table breakfast meeting, a network of inspiration or a hot air balloon? …


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