Focus on UX, now.

Manuals don’t exist for digital products. Your app better has to be understood pretty quickly by your users if you want to keep the download count up. So why is UX so much left aside when building your first prototype?

UX brings success

When building a product, most people think of two key activities: sales and development. A startup would try to understand its client needs (business team) and build a solution to answer them (dev team).

First prototype is out but it doesn’t work, clients are too stupid and can’t figure out how to use it. So the business guys will think of another solution and so on until they get too tired to keep trying or hopefully till the clients find it good enough.

What if we’d have had a UX designer?

Well, maybe your prototype wouldn’t have been a success but at least you would know why. Knowing why your product is not good enough is key to iterate and to build another version based on data and research instead of only your guts.

A student gets an F to a math test. What can he do to get an A if he can’t figure out what’s wrong with his calculations? Someone has to explain to him his errors and how to avoid making them next time. The test is the client, the student is the startup and the “someone” is the UX designer.

How can a UX designer help a startup?

UX design stands between Business and Dev, its job is to translate business needs into a product that solve them.

In order to build a great product, UX designers have a set of practice that will help them to understand what users need. User testing, analytics, A/B testing, wireframes or prototyping are part of a UX designer’s everyday.

Okay, I’m convinced. How can I find a UX designer?

There’re two ways of having a designer working for you: choose a freelancer/agency or hire one as anemployee/partner. The freelancer will work on a mission but you should consider hiring him on a regular basis as your product will keep evolving. That’s the good part of having a UX designer in your team instead of a freelancer, he will be able to focus on the product everyday.

Finding a freelancer is quite easy with websites such as Upwork or even Dribbble. On the other hand, hiring one in your team is a much longer process and not always easy depending on where you work and the UX community around.

Get a review

So don’t wait any longer, hire a designer and if no UX professional has ever reviewed your product, contact me to get a private check-up.

I’m a Belgian UX designer and my first language is French so feel free to leave a comment where you find a mistake in English.