A Summary of My Work On Blockchain-Based Economic Coordination

I’ve always been fascinated by how we organise. This lead to a masters degree in the design of sustainable online communication, and eventually leading to a multi-year rabbit hole of trying to monetize new networks of value for coordination, agency & empowerment using blockchain technology. I’ve done various technical experiments (such as launching an altcoin around a decentralized band), and contributed to standards design such as helping design ERC20 on Ethereum.

Desire Paths: Organically forging optimal routes.

Much of the work is based on designing ways to more rapidly scale these new coordination networks, and having these systems function through only relying on crypto-economic design as a way to coordinate itself. It contains ideas from Dogecoin, to meme markets, to decentralized bands, to fostering public goods funding, to personal, attention tokens, to designing effective issuance & alignment models.

Better aligning ourselves will create a lot of agency and empowerment.
 My thinking over the years:

I feel I’m getting closer.