An Intro to TrueBit: A Scalable, Decentralized Computational Court.

Foucault’s Panopticon: Prisoners being watched by one watchman, without knowing if they are watched or not: controlling their own behaviour.

Using the TrueBit project, smart contract can actually ask external programs to execute routines for them in a trustless manner, and they can use terabytes of data for that (which is needed for modern deep learning): If you encode the root hash of a gigantic data collection into the smart contract, it can use that to train a neural network (which is of course also only stored as its root hash) and make decisions based on this data. The data can even be updated by updating the root hash. As long as the data is available to an external executor (and at least one honest verifier), the system keeps running. At the point where we swarm, the smart contract can actually economically enforce the availability of the data.



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