Curation Markets & Curved Bonding Update: 02 April 2018

Simon de la Rouviere
3 min readApr 2, 2018

In the previous update, I proposed that we start calling the rising tide of curation crypto-economic games: “Curation Markets”, rather than referring to the specific, original implementation (“bonding curves + information staking”).

Thus: “Curation Markets” serve to reduce information asymmetry in the market through the usage of novel, skin-in-the-game signals generated through the use of tokenized cryptoeconomic incentive games.

Since the original implementation was mostly about curved bonding & the updates in the past has been mostly about curved bonding, these updates will continue to highlight these developments.

However, there are other curation primitives (such as Token-Curated Registries or Stake Machines), that it will remain useful to touch upon them, especially how they interplay with curved bonding. We’ll soon need to replace these updates with ‘Curation Markets’ themselves since it’s becoming too much to keep abreast of. In fact, I’m fairly certain I’m starting to lose track & want to avoid not highlighting relevant community contributions.

Want a background? Read:



Perhaps the best news is that Slava submitted curved bonding components to OpenZeppelin for review. Exciting times. When this is finalized we can hopefully start experimenting more with curved bonding!


I’ll be travelling soon: heading to quite a few cities for next month & a half. I’m doing a talk in Gothenburg on Curation Markets on the 13th of April.

I’ll also be in Copenhagen for the weekend after. Thinking of just getting a few beers with blockchain folk in the city on the weekend of the 14th. Will let people know on Twitter if that’s on (if you are in the area).

There’s a Curation Markets Berlin Meetup Group that formed! Exciting. I knew that the first city to have such a meetup, would be Berlin. Whoop!


Some project updates: [forgot to highlight this last month].

Moving Forward

As you can see, I’m trying to pick out all the relevant articles, code & updates, but it’s getting more & more. I’m trying to figure out how to best manage this without being too biased in what I pick out & remember.

Might be worth rethinking this update post. Find me on the Gitter if you have any ideas.

Curation Markets Gitter!

We’re up to 230 people now! Exciting. Lots of discussions on curved bonding & TCRs. Come say hi!