Curation Markets Update: 30 October 2017

Curation Markets is a protocol that reduces information asymmetry through:

  1. using tokenized signals to curate information &
  2. exploring ways to mint/spawn these tokenized, curatorial markets (eg continuous token models).

Curation Markets is a broad concept that will ultimately allow more groups to coordinate globally around shared goals.

Many of you want to help, and I’m incredibly thankful for that! Curation Markets *is* about enabling many more communities to work together and earn from the value they co-create. I will thus be doing an update every ~4 weeks on what’s happening, what’s transpiring, and what’s next!

The Whitepapers

I must admit. I’ve been putting off fixing the old whitepaper, and the longer I’m leaving, the more daunting it is becoming. It’s a bit of a mess atm with all the comments, suggestions and feedback. I appreciate it all. I need to get around to fixing it and making it neat again, likely turning off suggestions/feedback on it directly for the foreseeable future.

Messy! :(

On that note, I’ve started writing on whitepaper v2 that is substantially meatier, and in fact feels a bit more like a deeper academic article. I don’t think a new whitepaper is as necessary anymore once Curation Markets start getting implemented, and so I’ve opted to encompass a bit more deeper writing on this -> diving deeper in my own personal rabbit hole. It includes themes from complexity theory, contract theory, signalling theory, theory of the firm, biological hormesis and eustress. A meaty, fun exploration.

The Autonomous Artist

I published an implementation of Curation Markets used to curated a bot that creates art and puts it up for auction. The better the software is curated, the more successful it becomes.

Token-Curated Registries

I’ve recently become enamoured by a sister project, Token-Curated Registries. I’ve written two blog posts about them: describing it in depth, how it relates to Curation Markets and what happens if we make them continuous.

I really, really think that TCRs simple, elegant and powerful.

It made me wonder whether or not “Curation Markets” as a phrase is a bit limiting atm, and that it could rather broadly encompass tokenized games of curation… but then you also start bleeding into crypto-economics in general. Casper for example can also be explained in these words. So, for now, it just points to the specific implementation of a continuous token model + staking.

We’ll see how the industry evolves. I think 2018/2019 is especially going to be exciting as continuous token models start seeing the light, token-curated registries and curation markets start getting implemented!

Ocean Protocol

Ocean Protocol, “A Decentralized Data Exchange Protocol to Unlock Data for AI” from the awesome BigchainDB team has revealed their technical primer which will use a variation of Curation Markets. Keepers in the protocol stake tokens to the popularity of datasets and earn proportionally when they are asked to serve it.

Go check it out -> I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the amazing Bigchain team members over the past few years on various things, and quite excited what they are building here. More info to come.

Zap Store’s Bonding Curves

Zap Store aims to:

“… allows developers to create, publish and subscribe to smart contract and Ðapp compatible data feeds.”

Part of their designs includes bonding curves (which is an excellent name!) that was inspired by Curation Markets. In order to query the data and create the oracle’s feed, providers and subscribers bond their tokens to specific feeds.

Their whitepaper has more info. I just love the name “bonding curves”!

Bounty0x Interview

I got interviewed by the Bounty0x team talking about Curation Markets & Ujo.


We’re up to 43 people. Please come say hi! We’ve also started discussing TCRs on the side.

Devcon3 Meetup!?

Due to slight burnout, I’m trying to manage my energy better these days and have not opted to go to devcon3 this year. Experiencing high levels of FOMO atm, but quite excited to spend the time I would’ve spent in planes working on my projects (and relaxing in the South African spring/summer)!

That being said. The Curation Markets community is planning a short meetup at devcon3. Please join if you are there!

Currently planning on doing an afternoon break. Join the Gitter if you want to say hi. Hoping there’s a photo taken! :)

See you all in a month. :party-parrot: