As cool as it is to see Ujo’s development into a platform, it is even cooler to get an “under the…
David Michael

Hey David! Thank you so much. Happy to share this. The more open we and collaborative we are, the sooner we can get this benefit to artists!

Currently, the badge is just a tradable proof-of-purchase. It’s up the handler in question to decide how to issue this. What’s great is that one window this exclusivity, but only receiving the badge for the first week or 10k purchases, for example, making it a true collectible. Never will another one be issued.

You are correct: unencumbered music is our first priority as its much easier to on board. We wish to eventually get to current music that’s already found its way into the machinations of the current music industry, but first focusing on new, independent musicians. Helps us evolve the product much faster and easier.

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