Ocean Protocol Advisory Grant To Linum Labs

As a technical advisor to Ocean Protocol, I have the privilege to extend 100,000 OCN tokens to community members that will help foster Ocean Protocol.

To that end, I’ve decided to allot all 100,000 OCN tokens to the Linum Labs team.


They are a team that has done a lot of work in building communities across the world around Ethereum, Curation Markets & Token Engineering. They’ve built up and hosted the Cape Town Ethereum Meetups & started the Cape Town Curation Markets community.

Monthly, they run the Curation Markets Community Calls, which has been extremely valuable in sharing the ideas across the globe.

Commons Stack & Band Protocol!

They have contributed to considerable research in the space for components that underpin the vision of Ocean Protocol. From helping define parameters for bonding curves, creating simulators, inspiring research for short-selling in bonding curves, and promoting open data with Molecule.


The team is pushing boundaries on open data, new crypto-economic primitives, whilst building communities across the world. I believe they can bring a lot of potential to Ocean Protocol, and happy to support them all the way.

On a personal note, I first met Paul Kohlhaas, who went on to found Linum Labs, in 2016, in South Africa. We kept in touch and became friends quite quickly. On our travels, teaching Ethereum to developers in Europe, Paul was one of the few, handful of people who avidly listened to ideas I had to share. I appreciate that immensely, and it is a joy to return that support to the team.

It’s only day one, and there’s a lot to do still! Ocean Protocol just went into beta. I hope you all join me in building along with them: an exciting future of unlocking data.