Shelving My Book On The Blockchain.

I’ve been writing a book on the blockchain since the end of 2014. This year, is year 3. I’ve been lean publishing it, selling the manuscript/draft, and also writing it in public, on Github. Available here:

I wrote a basic draft in quite a short time (basically “thoughtstreamed” it). However, I did not like it as much. It felt like a textbook and it became extremely outdated rather quickly (written most of it before Ethereum was launched).

Since then, I’ve pivoted twice. It kept morphing and changing, but overall, you can see the public commits on github… Not much is happening.

It’s making me uncomfortable, and the mountain just keeps getting bigger. I thought it would be an interesting exercise, and it’s tough for me to let go of this project. I thought I’d give it one last pivot recently, by deciding to write instead about what I’ve been writing about most on my blog: tokens.

But even then, I’ve become substantially more busy. I’m coding more, thinking more, speaking more, travelling more, and (yes, oddly) writing more (blogs).

There’s a lot of projects I want to build, and still want to bring to fruition. Writing a book is fun, but it keeps shifting further down on my priorities. I don’t want to keep putting it off. People keep buying and supporting the book, and I feel guilty about it. I don’t think it will be done very soon. And since I’m not a full-time writer, I’m afraid that any niche pivot (like writing a book on tokens/tokenization), will just cause me to be left behind again vs people who are actively writing on it.

I’d rather focus on building more, and keep to writing more blog posts (easier to finish from inception to publishing). I love writing, but it’s not my full-time focus, and writing this book has become a tough obligation: both for the personal desire to see things through, but also due to the obligation to my readers who’ve bought it.

And so, I’ve decided to shelve the book (for now).

Over the course of 2,5 years, 55 readers have bought it. Thank you for that. I’ve made $536.79. This was going to go towards paying for editing.

I’m sorry for those who bought it, hoping it will eventually be finished. Thank you for supporting me. I’m more than willing to refund it. Refunds can be issued through the leanpub website.

Above and beyond the refunds, I want to match these funds and donate it to a good cause. I’m thinking of spending it towards supporting local artists/creatives in Cape Town.

If there’s any blockchain project, or charity, or idea that would benefit from the $536.79, please let me know, otherwise I will endeavour to make sure it goes to supporting other creatives (and will update on this!).

Once again. Thanks for the support, and sorry about shelving it. I’m going to keep writing, just not in book form.