In April, I decided to move my writing to my own home at:


There are various reasons I opted to do so:

In short, as I aim to write more, I want more control over my writing.

I still read Medium every day & aim to use Medium occasionally as a distribution channel. As usual, I will keep experimenting!

If you want to receive updates, don’t hesitate to subscribe to my newsletter where I post updates on my writing/projects.

TAIAOS is a unique, rare digital artwork that is always on sale. It can bought at any time by anyone, because the owner must always specify a price they are willing to sell it at. Through this always-on auction, it supports the artist by requiring the owner to pay a…

As part of a series on “Recommendation Markets”, I want to propose a variation on bonding curves used in “Curation Markets” that allow for verification of curation. Only when verified, can the curators earn a tokenized reward.

A ‘Recommendation Market’ emphasises that a “Curation Market” is only there to produce…

Organisations come in many shapes and sizes. The blockchain allows us to experiment with radical new ways to organise around collective goals. We’ve seen the ICO boom (and bust, for now). For many, it was a novel way to re-imagine how certain projects can come to fruition and exist. ICO’s…

Simon de la Rouviere

Explorer of all stories, master of sunsets. Writer, Coder, Musician & Dancer. Blogging here lately: https://blog.simondlr.com

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