One person’s history of Twitter, from beginning to end
Mike Monteiro

Thank you for this!
Please, stick around if you can (your mental health has priority, of course). I wasn’t there in the very early days of Twitter, but I’m still seeing some of the same value today that you gained from it in the past. And I think (naively so, maybe) that it’s people like you and me and everybody else without hearts filled with hatred who need to stick around and show that another way of communicating and using Twitter is possible. It’s hard. And I’m lucky enough to only be exposed to all the hate in a mostly passive way, where I see it getting directed at verified users with just occasional hate arriving directly in my own mentions. But if we don’t do it, if we just move on to another platform, the hatred will simply follow (as “Ali” in the comments section right here perfectly illustrates). One person alone can’t turn the tide. But maybe many of us can, together.

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