1. Start with a big, audacious and inspirational Vision for your company. Vision is by far your most sustainable advantage. It gives your team the clarity to act and the passion to soldier on in difficult times. It gives your investors confidence you know what you’re doing. It helps your customers believe you’re a long-term player. And, importantly, it gives you a lens to keep track of your progress and report your achievements.
  2. Make your mission clear through a well-articulated Purpose. This strong reason for being gives your team a clear mission, not just a job. Keep it simple and informed…

Image: Thomas Serer

Brand is unquestionably a powerful business tool for any company.

Brands have intrinsic value and a quick look at the numbers in the latest Interbrand report confirms it. In 2001 the cumulative brand value residing in the world’s top 100 brands was $988 billion. Today, that value stands at $2.13 trillion — representing a 4.4 per cent average CAGR (compound annual growth rate) and more than a 2.1 times increase in total value. These figures behind The Best Global Brands report tell a clear story: in such a fluid market landscape, investing in brand is key to long-term success.


Image: Tim Foster

What is Purpose? These days it can be confusing to understand how great companies and their brands come together. There’s brand purpose, values, positioning, DNA, a brand’s promise, its essence … the list goes on. But there’s one simple way to remedy this, and that is to find your companies truth and then get behind it.

Purpose is really a ‘re-minted’ version of a mission. It’s the motivation behind why a company does what it does. Or, to put it another way, it’s what a company stands for and why anyone should care. This does encapsulate a company’s values, however…

simone bartley

Curious; Experienced; Brand Architect — THE BR&ND CO.

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