3 style tips to zing your aerobic session with hot camisoles and ladies running shorts

The concept of aerobic exercises was introduced by Dr Kenneth Copper in 1960s when he was researching for preventive medicines and established that working out can boost a person’s health by keeping them prevented from diseases. This high to medium intensity physical exercise is based on the concept of using oxygen to meet the excess energy requirements. Aerobic exercises can include swimming, running, cycling and walking, where the primary motive is to increase metabolism and trigger good health.

Performing aerobic exercises requires comfortable clothes. The garments should not cling to your body but should not be ill fitted either as it can be obstructing. They should be further comfortable and should be moist absorbent. Here is a list of clothes and ways to wear them for the ultimate experience.

>> You can wear bright color camisoles (Preferred Pink Camisole) over a contrasting solid sports bra for proper support. Combining it with a pair of capris or shorts can help you appear modish. The tops or yoga bra look best in vibrant hues of pink, orange and yellow if you want to experiment with shades other than the conventional black and grey. You can further opt for darker bottoms to draw away attention from your hips and thighs. The pants should have high compression and elastic waistbands to prevent it from slipping down.

>> Wearing a sturdy pair of gym shoes can serve the purpose. The shoes should provide high traction in order to prevent accidental falling. You can go for an array of neon colours that will accentuate your look, while serving the purpose.

>> You can add texture to your look with a variety of prints and patterns. Animal prints, floral prints, and check patterns can work well for this high intensity workout session. Add layers to your appearance by slipping into jackets that come in a variety of vibrant shades including turquoise blue and lemon green.

As established earlier, it is of pivotal importance that you choose the correct clothes. Remember to eliminate any form of metal accessories as they can be hindering your session. Reputed retailers have assembled a plethora of products that range from tank tops to ladies running shorts. Get the latest edition and revamp your collection.

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