Module 6

Design Thinking.

  1. Why does Design Thinking make sense in education?

Education is all about design thinking. Students become innovative, creative and what they learn and skills they inherent are all qualities that are implemented for success learning. The Melbourne Declaration states that through education, it is to raise the students with the capability for them to be creative and to use their imaginative minds for technology for success in learning in their future disciplines (2008).

2. Why is it important to consider Design Thinking as a scaffold for learning in 2017?

Consideration for Design thinking as a scaffold for learning in 2017 plays an important aspect in the education field. All young Australian students become exposed to different/challenging problems, where they move forward for search for improvements or solutions. Week 6 Tutorial, a man had made a ‘KAZbrella’ similar to an umbrella but has different components such as the ‘KAZbrella’ folding out the other way than a normal umbrella we all know of. But this innovention has become useful and follwos the simple designs and make its more innovative as it helps consumers from getting wet. This man was able to identify the problem and was able to find a way to fix it.

Students are to be learnt and exposed to the Design Thinking process, as they are able to use this skill in the future reference, also being equipped with the skills the have gathered from their learning through Design and Technology.


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