Peer feed back 1.

Hey Ryan,

Okay so well done with your journal I enjoyed reading it, like you show an understanding of the context we need to learn and you do demonstrate a broad undersanding of what defines a digital native and the whole concept of we have learnt from our classes. But lets think, there are things we can fix and make this journal more engaging for the reader. You need to bring in something that will attain the reader to read more, aspire them give them something they didnt know before like maybe give some statistics on the affects of digital natives — children have been affecting by technology from growing up or expland on your example how elderlies are using technology and wanting to learn. Heres an example I found that could help!

Peer Feedback 2.


Your blog “why do I need to become a reflective practitioner?” is good! it has precise information about our pitch and what the goals that we were aiming to achieve and how we started, which I liked. You elaborated and pinpointed the significant words to show your understanding from the classes and the lectures of week 4. I liked how you were able to link your own idea and you put in our own point of view and went into deep thinking of this.Thing that would be helpful for you to improve could be go into depth about the reality of what it means to be a reflective practitioner, like how does technology impact our generation or generation below us? ill give you a blog that can help guide you to thing outside the circle of a reflective practitioner. But overall, very well done!

Weeding, K. (2012). Reflective thinking; Does it still exist? Retrieved September 9, 2016, from Medium,

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