I have just given my very tired 2 cents worth to the inquiry on support for start-ups in regional New South Wales — you can too HERE

I talked about the endless consultation — where is the action points?

Support — what support, I spoke to 4 different people today trying to give them some support, I am just 1 person it’s exhausting and I help them coz I do my bit to pay it forward, who else can support them?

The cost of travel — it can cost up to $900 for a return flight to Sydney on less than a day or twos notice, if you don’t fly it’s 12 hours in a car — 12 hours in a car means 2 days away from home. We don’t have 17 $70 flights to choose from, it’s expensive even worse, why do I have to come to Sydney for a 40minute chit chat when we can skype?

I spoke about a few other things that is my big beef BUT as always its about providing solutions to problems and my number 1 solution is to


We can be global from day dot from our smartphone in the paddock. Just like the shop local movement we should support the #shopstartup movement.

Need HR help? https://www.pointerremoteroles.com/

Need a grant written? http://www.rgtcgroup.com.au/

Need some Rum? https://illegaltenderrumco.com/

Want to annoy some people? https://edukits.com.au/

Need a coffee? 365cups.com (yes shameless plug)

Need a photographer? http://www.jackofheartsstudio.com.au/

Need a tractor? www.agtribe.com.au

A cookie? https://dough-re-mi.myshopify.com/

Need to get movin’? http://www.activefarmers.com.au/

A copywriter? https://becbraid.com/

A stylists? http://www.thestylebarwagga.com.au/

I could go on and on — startups just aren’t people with App ideas, startups are new business leveraging tech, and finding a gap/problem and solving it.

Regional Startups are diversifying economies, creating jobs and mixing bricks and clicks, the style bar is a physical shop — but their insta feed and digital marketing is world class.

Dough Re Me don’t have a shop but their web shop sells all across Australia!

Active Farmers not only provide fitness but play an important role in talking about your finances and mental health.

So from Agtech to cookies to fitness (need the fitness after the cookies) — you can choose to #shopstartup and support local regional economies.


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