Telstra, it’s time for a new challenge

Ugh another day, another hackathon hits my inbox. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good hackathon BUT when it is “Ag” based and in a metro city

well …

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I am trying to make year 2017 the year of less whinging, it’s only Feb and I have reached my quota of email complaints to my local council, state member etc. of what I call “calling out the BS” and this just took the number 1 spot.

I think it’s great all the big biz are jumping on this bandwagon, a little late but still they are getting into it, but Telstra your 4G internet Ag challenge wont solve any problems from Melbourne CBD to the farmers, who don’t even have mobile service on their properties.

I have PR agencies contacting me for case studies, umm I DON’T EVEN HAVE THE NBN in my office, in my co-working space and at my home! I am not a farmer, but I love my regional centre life and I just get on with it, but seriously sometimes it really pisses me off! (slow internet, yes it pees me!)

So I am going to help you out, because it’s always about trying to provide a solution.

REAL everyday problems I see in Ag and how “Agtech” could solve them

1. CONNECTIVITY — at a recent round table the number 1 problem was connectivity, farmers felt it was to high level for them to make an impact, yes we can tweet our local members but some people who are 40kms out of town with satellite internet still need to come into town, to the library to get online and get some work done banking, emails etc. basic stuff! This is a REAL BIG PROBLEM TELSTRA!!!

2. Succession Planning — I am 20 years in Wagga and still considered a blow in, my “farming friends” like to point out I stick out like a sore thumb city slicker, with my Nike Pumps and Bazinga T-shirt at the clearing sale. I have spent the last few months really trying to learn and understand these problems and a problem everyone talks about is succession planning, solve that and you solve a problem for every farming family in Australia.

3. Health & Safety. This could have about 17 sub-categories from mental health of the farmer-farmers wife to the incredible sad situation just this weekend in Gunning, we have startups popping up for construction sites for workers to sign on and be geo fenced, I think theres a hot new startup right there, everyone has a phone in their pocket (if they have service) lets keep our farmers safe!

4. Agtech — want to encourage more STEM get the farming kids who are building empires in Farming Stimulator and in Minecaraft to your hackathon, have it in location of these farms and actually work with the farmers and solve the problems they want and need solving.

So Telstra you get 2 points for trying, but seriously lets get back to basics because real innovation happens when you make an improvement, and there lots of room for improvement with the above 4 problems.

If you want to see what a real “ag-tech” hackathon looks like check out