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Product Designer, Information Architect, Digital Design Thinker — UX Architect @ BBC, London —

This is the transcript of a talk I gave in October 2019 in Bologna for the XIII Summit Italiano di Architettura dell’Informazione, organised by Architecta.

The main topic of the conference was “Designing for Communities” and I was invited along with my Creative Director at the BBC danramsden who presented the talk “Two heads are better than one”.

My contribution to the talk consisted of a set of case studies, focused on central topics such as collaboration between interdisciplinary teams and design approaches and techniques.

I explained through a set of scenarios how I managed to help…

As a UX Architect at the BBC in London, I’ve been working on a set of API driven services that aims to provide a way for task-focused web activities. It allows modular, flexible workflows to be composed and used across different tools and products.

This job led me to think more in depth about the role of human activities in the design process.

Most items in the world have been designed without the support of any user study and they still do quite well.

Human-Centred Design has become such a dogma that we automatically apply it.

Take a look around…

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