Features You Never Knew About Translation App

Your Smartphone is a lot more powerful than just using it for playing games or checking your mail. It’s a great tool when you’re traveling abroad or to even carry out a translating project for your business. It offers a whole range of possibilities: it can easily connect to the internet, has a camera, microphone, and speaker that make real-time translation a breeze.

The Astounding Potentials of Translation Apps

The market is filled with hundreds of Translation Applications. Some offer speech/voice to text translation, some work in real-time while others help you translate even from images. With so many myriad choices out there, how do you zone in on the best Translation App?

Read on to simplify your search. Here in this guide, you can find a list of the features that are present in the best Translation Mobile Apps in the market.

1: Human Powered Real-Time Translation

Need a human translator to do a quick job in real-time? Worry not, all you have to do is place a request on the app, and the translator gets in touch with you as soon as possible. This service is available 24 X 7, and you can find a translator for any language. Chat with or call the translator via the app, specify your requirements and get the job done.

It’s as simple as instant messaging your friends. Complete the payment once the job is done using any one of the several secured payment gateways.

2: Translate it All!

With a mobile translation app, you can translate anything and everything. Text, images, audio recordings, speech clips — whatever be your input, the app translates it according to your needs. The entire process is streamlined, simple and intuitive all from a single user interface.

3: Speak in your Native Language and Hear it in another Language

This is a great feature especially when you’re traveling overseas or learning a new language. All you have to do is speak in your own language; the app then translates it into your desired language and speaks the corresponding text.

Save frequently used phrases for your reference; Look up new words or meanings quickly without any hassle; learning a new language has never been so easy.

4: Real-Time Sign Translation

This one is a handy feature that is present in Google Translate — The Word Lens. All you have to do is point your phone camera at a sign in any foreign language and get it translated in real-time into your native language. Watching the way Word Lens works is simply astounding.

No more getting lost in a strange city. With the Word Lens, you have a guide constantly by your side. Navigating through a new city is now as easy as finding your way in your own country.

5: Buddy Translators

What if the Translation App acts as your personal translator? You record a message or send a text in either the foreign language or your mother tongue. The app then connects with a proficient user in the desired language. Eliminate the need for professional translators. The native user translates your text, and you can return the favor to another person as and when needed.

This is a great way to put your bilingual language to practice. Make use of the Power of Translation mobile apps and simplify your language translation needs with the help of a handy app and explore new possibilities.