Tips to Choose the Right Pistol Lanyards and Slings

Pistol Lanyards

Pistols can be heavy and depending on the size and weight of the firearm, the usability of the weapon is decided. The purpose of a pistol lanyard is to keep your weapon safe, secure and easily accessible when you need it. When the cord is attached to the weapon, you can position it wherever you like. The lanyard also helps the pistol not to fall down on the ground in case a situation arises.

You can have the lanyard placed anywhere on your utility belt, of course, the most preferred place is within the reach of your dominant or shooting arm. Experts also recommend that the pistol should be mounted high on your tactical or utility belt. A pistol sling is meant for ease of carriage. It determines the connections which the sling will have on the pistol. There are three types of slings available, traditional, three point and single point slings.

How to select the right pistol lanyard and sling

  • Type of weapon: You need to consider what kind of weapon you have. If you are using a hunting weapon, which weighs more, it is recommended that you use three point weapon slings. If your pistol is relatively lighter, then you can opt for a shoulder lanyard or a belt lanyard.
  • Material: Gun Slings are made up of materials such as nylon or leather. Since the weight of the weapon can be more, these materials are used due to their durability. The width of the strap is 1 inch to 1.25 inches. Nylon, however, is a more preferred material when it comes to gun slings. Some form of rubber padding is also provided for comfort purposes. Pistol lanyards can also be made out of polyester. The coils come in different widths, 10, 15, 20 and 25 mm.
  • Purpose: It is important to determine the purpose for which the weapon is going to be used. Pistol lanyards have proven to be extremely efficient in close range combat situations. Since the weapon is tethered to the body, it’s hard for the enemy to knock it down to the ground, thus giving you an advantage. A gun sling can be helpful in transferring the weight of your weapon, especially in long distance scenarios such as hunting. Gun slings are meant to give you space so that your hands reach to the other side of arms in time if needed.

Gun slings and lanyards have proven to be effective when firing the weapon. They provide the much-needed stability when taking a shot. It is important for the shooter to keep his gear and weapon in position at all times. You can purchase a tactical or utility belt for the lanyard to tether, or when using a weapon sling, you can opt for different swivels and studs, which are designed for specific purposes. You can get bulk pistol lanyards, slings, swivels and studs from many websites online with different deals and offers.

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