What Is Crunchyroll and How Does It Work?

Simone Lopez
2 min readMar 15, 2022

Crunchyroll is an anime-focused streaming service. It was previously owned by WarnerMedia’s Otter Media until it was purchased by Sony’s Funimation in late 2020. It competes with other services such as Sony’s own Funimation to deliver Japanese animation to anime fans, with hundreds of titles available. Manga titles, which are Japanese-style graphic novels, are also accessible on Crunchyroll.

The service had over four million paid subscribers as of last report, with many more watching the platform’s free content.

Crunchyroll is a true anime streaming destination: with over 1,200 titles (more than its competitors in the United States), professional reviewers concur that the platform’s enormous collection is a strong point. Another huge perk for paying members is that Crunchyroll party adds new content within an hour of its premiere in Japan, if possible. Subscribers should be aware that the majority of Crunchyroll’s programming is subtitled rather than dubbed in English: this is neither good nor bad, but it may not suit everyone’s tastes. It also has a free plan, unlike most of the other streaming services in our rankings, and a reasonably extended 14-day trial period on its paying plans.

How do I watch Crunchyroll with my friends?

Select “Share audio” from the take menu. If this option is ticked, your friends will be able to hear the audio as well as the show. Select the Crunchyroll tab and double-click it. That tab will become active, and you’ll notice a menu bar at the top of your screen indicating that it’s sharing to Squad.

Is there a video call feature in Rave?

With the Rave app, your binge-watching sessions may be enchanting and enjoyable. You may watch any video while chatting with your friend with this software, and you can stream videos from many platforms to enjoy with your friends.

Can you do a crunchyroll Teleparty?

There is currently no official way to arrange a personalized Crunchyroll watch party with your pals. Because of copyright restrictions, you won’t be able to stream it on Twitch. Some websites, on the other hand, may allow you to create watch parties, but these are all third-party sites.


Host a essential watch party on crunchyroll

How many people can join me in watching Crunchyroll?



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