After woman purposely drives car into the lake four teenagers try to save the baby from her

Latonya Kirven had “flipped out.” Her bad day was really one for the records and definitely the most extreme. She had an argument with her 70-year-old boyfriend Matt Grey and was completely pushed to the edge. The drugs and alcohol in her system only increased her rage and violent behavior. She got into her car, slammed the door, and ran over Matt with her six-month-old baby buckled in the back seat. Grey broke his neck and was rushed to the hospital where he lay in critical condition. But Latonya kept driving.

“Those drugs have got her mind,” Jamie Williams, Matt’s granddaughter said. “If she was herself, she wouldn’t have done it. Those drugs have her flipping out like that.”

A recipe for disaster was inevitable and the day only got increasingly worse. After she had mauled Grey with her car, she drove it straight into the Galveston lake with her baby in the back.

Luckily four young men were nearby when they saw the car fly into the water.

Four teenagers: Nathan Reyna, Tyler Arcizo, Byron Bledsoe and Matt Guzman were at the lake fishing. They watched the horrific scene play out before their eyes and they immediately spotted that there was a baby in the back seat.

“Once the car was tipping, you see the car seat for the baby tip over. My friend was like, ‘There is a baby, there is a baby,” Arcizo said. Fully clothed, he jumped into the water and headed straight for the baby. However, as he tried to rescue both mother and child from drowning he was surprised when he was met punches and extreme resistance. Latonya did not want to be saved and even less did she want to let go of the baby.

“I was struggling with her to get the baby from her,” the teen said.

“She wouldn’t give him up. She kept pulling him from me and putting him under water,” Arcizo said according to NY Daily News.

After much struggle, Tyler managed to pull the baby from Latonya and brought him to shore. Thankfully the 6-month-old was unharmed. It was then that Tyler begun to understand that there was something very odd about the child’s mother. When she reached land, she did not do what was expected. Instead she began swimming in the water and taking off her clothes. Had it been left up to Latonya, the fate of her and her child could have ended very differently.

Thankfully the teenagers recognized the danger and jumped into action. They not only saved two lives but understood the situation well enough to realize that the child needed to be rescued from his own mother.

After the police arrived, Latonya was arrested and held on a $160,000 bond.

“She was acting crazy. It wasn’t normal,” Arcizo said. “She’s in jail. That’s where she needs to be, honestly.”

Sources:The Root and The New York Daily News

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