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Imagine you’ve just published an innovative app but it makes not so many downloads a day. You may naturally wonder why, so you instantly go looking at some statistics on Play Store. At first sight, you notice that many people visit the app listing page without actually installing the app… but why?!

Starting situation

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As an Android developer I personally hate apps which only wrap a website inside a WebView, and here I’ll explain why.

You’ve spent a lot of time and energy developing your amazing website and you just want to make it an app. Browsing the web looking for solutions, you then see what’s called “WebView”.

🤫 Spoiler alert

If you’re planning to make an app which displays a site you don’t own, bad news for you. According to Google Play Developer Policy you aren’t allowed to do that.


Let’s see what’s wrong with this approach

No native UX

I’m not talking about UI specifically here. Operating systems, or more in general “platforms”…

Simone Sestito

Android Developer, passionate about development and tech in general

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