A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Makeup Collection By Urban Decay Is Coming

Mar 18 · 6 min read

We may never get the chance to take the iron throne, but we will most certainly get the opportunity to wear the ‘Game of Thrones’ makeup collection by Urban Decay.

It seems like the perfect show to inspire a makeup collection. I can already see it now… “Winterfell White.” “Targaryen Blue.” “Dragon Red.”

Let's be real, Y'all. The color palette on GOT is so vivid and beautiful, it seems like the perfect show to create a collection off of. Apply this makeup, and queens we shall be.

The ‘Game of Thrones’ collection won’t be here until around the time of the show’s premiere for its final season at the end of April. In the meantime, let’s take a look at the best makeup collections, palettes, and polishes based on our favorite TV shows and Films.

  1. The Simpsons Collection By MAC

DOH! These Simpson's colors are poppin’.

MAC was creative enough to add a makeup collection off of the longest-running primetime scripted series of all time.

Eyeshadow Colors include “Chalkboard Dreams” in black, “Lisa’s Spikes” in yellow, and “Applebee Squishy” in green. They’ve even got a yellow lipgloss called “Nacho Cheese Explosion”. This is the bold stuff!

2. Pulp Fiction Collection By Urban Decay

Girl, you’ll be a woman soon, once you get your hands on this collection! Who wouldn’t feel like a straight-up badass while wearing these dramatic Pulp Fiction colors?

Shades include “Vengence” eyeshadow in brown, “Heavy Metal Glitter” eyeliner in sparkly silver, and “Furious/Anger” eyeshadow in black and white. “I said Goddamn!”

3. Mad Men Collection By Estee Lauder

Oh, yes. If there’s one stylish AF show that I personally wanna steal all the clothes from, it’s Mad Men. Who wouldn’t wanna lounge around lookin’ like Betty Draper or Joan Holloway? That’s glamour goals all the way in my book.

4. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Collection By Covergirl

These colors are out of this world!! From another galaxy even. Yeah, I may be cliche with the Star Wars puns but there’s nothing cliche about this collection!

Lipstick colors include “frosty lilac”, “silver”, “metallic rose gold”, and “orange gold”.

5. Rocky Horror Picture Show Collection By MAC

Some of my best memories as a teenager involve going to Rocky Horror Picture Show with my closest friends. These looks will make you shiver with antici………..pation.

Nail colors: “Bad Fairy” & “Formidable”

Lipstick colors: “Frank-N-Furter” “Strange Journey” “Oblivion” & “Lipstick in Sin”

6. Clueless “Totally Buggin” Eyeshadow Palette By Peachy Queen

Totally Buggin! Peachy Queen has a brilliant Clueless eyeshadow palette to bring out your most stylish 90s self. It’ll make you look like a “Total Betty”!

Plus, the color names are incredible. See for yourself!

7. HBO’s Girls Nail Polish

One of my favorite shows of all time, HBO’s ‘Girls’ has a killer set of polishes. Although the ladies of the realistic series aren’t as glamorous as the ‘Sex & The City’ gals, these colors have all the glamour you could possibly need. If only we could see a nail color for Adam Driver…

8. Mean Girls “Burn Book” Palette By Storybook Cosmetics

Everything from the packaging to the color names to the makeup itself is sooo fetch. Colors include:

  • Is Butter a Carb?: Butterfat butterscotch (pearl)
  • Grool: I meant to say ‘cool’ then I started to say ‘great’ gold (shimmer)
  • Glen Coco: You go Glen Cocoa (matte)
  • So Fetch: That’s so tangerine (matte)
  • Wednesday: Magenta pink shirt (matte)
  • She Doesn’t Even Go Here: Kälteen Bar brown (matte)
  • The Plastics: Pretend plastic white (matte)
  • Regina George: Queen Bee pink (pearl)
  • Mouse Duh…: Mouse grey, duh (shimmer)
  • You Can’t Sit With Us: Bubble gum pink (matte)
  • Cool Mom: Not like a *regular* blue, a *cool* blue (pearl)
  • October 3rd: Everyday black (shimmer)

9. Nickelodeon Eyeshadow Palette By Hot Topic

“Used to like orange cassette tapes with Timmy, Tommy, and Chuckie
And Chuck E. Cheese’s pizzas, Jesus pieces, sing Jesus love me” — Chance The Rapper

Bring out your 90s vibes once more with this Nickelodeon palette! Colors include “Smashing” “Rawr” “Oh Fishsticks” “Football Head” & “Hi Ho Diggety”. Hell yeah!

10. Disney Venomous Villains Collection By MAC

Mwahahaha! You know you wanna bring out your inner bad girl with these wicked colors. Shades include: “She who Dares” “Bite of an Apple” “Revenge is Sweet” “French Quarter” and more. This collection is drop dead gorgeous.

11. Alice In Wonderland “Book of Shadows” By Urban Decay

To celebrate your unbirthday, why not try Urban Decay’s Alice In Wonderland “Book of Shadows” collection? It’s absolutely mad!

Colors: “Alice” in blue, “White Rabbit” in white, “Mad Hatter” in brown.

12. Beauty & The Beast Collection By Cute Press

You’ll be the clear “beauty” in the room once yah get your hands on these cosmetics. With these shades, you will easily be the “Belle” of the ball!


Moonlight, Pearl light, Champaign light.

13. Princess Jasmine Makeup Collection By Sephora

Man, this collection by Sephora is a whole new world!

Yeah, I said it. Who wouldn’t want to embody their inner princess with eyeshadows with names such as “Arabian sunset” pink, “friend like me” blue, and “Mystic Wonder” purple?

So… which collection is your favorite? Write below in the comments!

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