‘Broad City’ Has Taught Me More About Friendship Than Any Other Show

Jan 25 · 4 min read

Friendship has been a common theme on television since the 50s. From Lucy and Ethel to Beavis and Butthead, viewers of these shows have been comparing and contrasting their own personal friendships with the BFFs they witness on screen. We’ve all done it before. Sitting around with a group of friends, wondering over a glass of wine who is the Carrie of the friendship and who is the Samantha. We contemplate whether we are the Phoebe of the group or the Chandler. The Jessa or the Shosh.

But as of more recent years, the most common question I hear people ask when determining a set of Besties is this: Who is the Abbi and who is the Ilana?

Faces light up whenever this question is asked. People can’t help but adore this idea of being in a friendship that even remotely resembles the relationship that Abbi and Ilana have on Broad City. This idea of being a part of a real-life relationship as loyal and supportive as the girls of the comedy central series is one that is almost too honorable to bear. Most of us could only dream of having that kind of strong and unconditional love that Abbi and Ilana share throughout the series.

So without further ado, here is a list of the most important lessons on friendship that our favorite witches on TV have taught us over the past 5 seasons.

  1. A true friend will make enormous sacrifices for the sake of your happiness

Real friends will go to strenuous lengths in order to make each other happy. Whether it’s banding together to clean a man-baby’s apartment in order to score Lil Wayne tickets or suffering through an unbearable improv show with the group name “statutory crape” just so your friend can get laid, a true friend won’t mind going through a bit of torture in order to make sure you’re smiling.

2) A true friend will always lift you up

Sometimes when a set of friends get comfortable with each other, it’s easy to start throwing insults at one another from left to right. They’ve been your BFF for so long, so it can be easy after a while to get into silly arguments regularly and start to take one another for granted. But not for Abbi and Ilana!

These two teach us that no matter how long you’ve been friends with someone, you can always show them praise and admiration for the royal queens that they are. To your friends, you are a witch qween goddess with an ass of an angel, no questions asked.

3) A true friend will bust their balls all day in order to Support You

sahandwich shahop?!?!?!

Your BFF will literally spend the day homeless with you and eat garbage bagels yet still find the energy to fully support the success brought upon by your passion. Even if that success comes from your artwork being hung up in the corner of a sandwich shop.

would you eat garbage bagels for the sake of your BFF?

4) Your best friend will do whatever they can to remove the shit in your life (literally)

Did your shit ever clog the toilet during a blackout just as your crush happened to drop by? No worries! Your best friend will gladly embark on a top-secret mission to remove your (literal) shit however they can- And they’ll enjoy doing it too, if it’s gonna ease your troubles and potentially get you laid!

5) Your best friend should always put you first

A true best friend will always put you first before anyone else. Before their significant other, before themselves, before Oprah even! You always come first, because when it comes down to it, you are the love of their life.