What We Can Learn From Fashion Icon, Grace Kelly:

Mar 15, 2019 · 7 min read

Exuding Feminine Grace

Femininity… A nearly extinct trait in 2019.

Although we as women have the right to our own tastes, styles, and preferences when it comes to fashion, I can’t help but notice that it has become less and less popular to see women sporting classicly feminine attire.

We all have our own unique ideas on which types of clothes empower us, whether that be a “Glinda the Good Witch” style of ballgown or a more androgynous tux.

But for this blog post, let us specifically give praise to the ultra-feminine glittery glory of classic American femininity. The princess tulle, the diamonds, the pearls, the unashamed variety of pinks… All of it.

We should all have the right to dress in clothes that we feel most comfortable in, most like ourselves in, most fabulous in.

For me, the clothes I identify most with are ultra feminine. Ruffled dresses, tutu skirts, playful color pallets, and vintage circle skirts galore.

(That’s me looking like a creepy doll from a horror movie in one of my favorite vintage dresses)

My 50s style of dressing can certainly come across as off-putting to some sheeple who feel as though my fashion sense might imply that I am somehow less capable of doing everyday big-girl activities. As though my femininity somehow implies that I am of a lower class- Second class, to be exact.

This is far from true, of course.

I don’t see how wearing girly attire would stop me in any way from being able to live my life as a functional human being. So let us get one thing straight, people: Wearing pink frills does not imply that I am ditsy/less than/incapable.

It just means I like pink frills.


Let’s move on. Shall we?

I first laid eyes on Grace Kelly in the Alfred Hitchcock classic Rear Window. It was in my high school film class, and when the fashion icon entered the screen, nearly everyone in the room had let out a collective gasp.

We were all secretly intrigued, amazed, and in awe of her black and white tulle Paris dress. (Even the football jocks in my film class looked as though they could appreciate her sense of style!)

Fashion Magic

I, personally, was mesmerized by her style. Never had I wanted so badly to throw away all my overly expensive Lulu lemon pants for a set of those princess tulle gowns. I wanted to have the balls that it takes to be able to wear those types of dresses, to rock them fearlessly without any sense of shame for being “over the top” or “too girly”.

Where did this ultra-feminine look go? And has anyone had the balls to replicate her look since the 1950s?

Sure, they have.

But have their looks managed to measure up to Kelly’s?

Let us take a look and find out for ourselves!

These are the modern day style icons who manage to replicate the class of Princess Grace Kelly in their own unique way:

  1. Betty Draper

Yes, she is a fictional character from Mad Men, and yes, the show does take place in the 60s so Grace Kelly was still entirely relevant at this moment of time, but it is impossible not to include this woman as first on the list. January Jones’ character is nearly the spitting image of the Hollywood starlet, even being compared to Kelly several times on the show.

The stay-at-home mom has inspired female Mad Men viewers across the nation to embrace their feminine beauty and bring back the Grace Kelly era of style, from the poofy circle skirts to the classic pearls to the princess tulle. Bettie Draper’s style is perhaps the most replicative of Grace Kelly on this list, and this is perhaps done intentionally. Betty truly identifies with the “sad beauty” brand brought on by the fashion icon.

Just your typical dress you throw on while on your way to the local pharmacy.

2. Kerry Washington

almost a replica of Kelly’s Rear Window look.

Washington knows how to dress with pure elegance and understands the impact of femininity. Although her fashion style is diverse (like all of ours) she sure knows how to get all Grace Kelly’d up when she feels like it- And let me tell you, she knows how to slay the look.

It’s always so refreshing to see a celebrity wear such classic attire that embraces the more girly side of fashion. In a way, it allows a sense of empowerment to be embodied through textbook feminine energy.

That is one lucky water bottle!

3. Ariana Grande

Very similar to Kelly’s dress in “High Society”

Grande’s style has certainly evolved from “Glitter-Cupcake-Sprinkles Chic” to something that is a bit more resemblant of a dominatrix.

Quite the evolution of style there, missy.

Yet somewhere in the middle of these two styles, Grande seemed to feel most comfortable in classically feminine Kelly-esque attire.

Girl used to always rock this ultra feminine look back on her Nickelodeon days. A bit of a modern take on GK’s style.

The 5-foot small beauty wasn’t afraid to wear floor-length circle skirts and flirty 50s style dresses in a world where pop stars felt (and continue to feel) obliged to show a lot of skin to sell records.

Props to Ari for embracing her feminine elegance- Will the record-breaking pop star ever find herself going back to this look? Only time will tell. Personally, I would love for her to embrace this adorable look because this is the kind of class that could really inspire young women to feel confident and lovely while maintaining ultimate poise.

4. Carrie Bradshaw

When we think of the fictional yet revolutionary Bradshaw, her unique sense of fashion almost always comes to mind. We can’t forget the sex columnist’s tutu skirts oddly mismatched with sporty tops. The strange yet fascinating combo of masculine and feminine attire mixed together in one are impossible to forget, and the best part is, they scream Carrie Bradshaw. The looks are so authentic to her individual character, while at the same time she manages to pay homage to the romantic look that Kelly inspired us all with.

5. Barbie

Yep, Barbie literally replicated Princess Kelly in 2011, offering a lovely set of dolls to sport her most memorable dresses. From her 1955 Cannes Film Festival look to her To Catch a Thief sophisticated gown, these collections do not fail to disappoint, proving that decades later Kelly’s beautiful and retro femininity is just as appreciated now as it was at the height of her fame.

In conclusion, Kelly can teach us today in 2019 not to be afraid of embracing our feminine side. Doing so is not only classy, but also classic. Why not exude elegance and poise in an era of crop tops and booty shorts? Of course, there’s nothing wrong with these styles and they can be quite adorable too, but Grace Kelly’s looks can remind us all that an option exists out there of which exudes sophistication and posh. It is the classic, ultra-feminine look.

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