Bike Building

The first few metres of millions more. May God bless this saddle and all the people it meets.

Thanks to the Neighbours of BR5 who were willing helpers and my sister for a birthday camera tripod. The bike is already serving its purpose of bringing people together!

I’ve now got to somehow keep up this creative video streak.

Bike facts:

Disc brakes: efficient, reliable and don’t need replacing unlike blocks.

26 inch wheels: sturdy with more spokes and can be found around the world whilst the more used 700c road bike wheels aren’t so common in the developing world.

Braking possible from 2 different positions

An absolutely huge gear range! (Mick my neighbour was even impressed!)

Front and rear pannier capabilities.

Schwalbble marathon tyres: let’s hope they keep me virtually puncture free.

Room for a cheeky bell.