Goodbye Facebook and 🦆 you

October 2021… 5000 followers (the max), and I am weaning from Facebook. This was not a good first week of October for Facebook. A major outage, and a major outrage (the whistleblower damage that should be more significant than it has been)… but… yeah… we are “addicted” and “ we can’t leave all those ‘friends’ behind, can we”?
Really? Why not?
I believe in baby steps, realistic steps.

Not so random duck (my friend Goose) to give some je ne sais quack to my first post. Goose’s sister, Jamie, thinks she is a cry-baby. That is an other story in itself. For an other day.
  1. Let the outrage sink in… Yes, hardly surprising, but their own data told them that they were contributing to deteriorating mental health, and possibly suicide, in teenage girls. And yet… the money was more important to them than the lives of the people that they call their “customers”. They let the algorithms doing their nasty work, and kept targeting young women like my daughter with posts about diet, exercise, etc. They knew they were hurting many. And yet, they continued to do it. LET THAT SINK IN.

So what to do then?… I am not going to abandon social network apps or sites. I will find ethical ones.

  1. Messaging (replacing Messenger and WhatsApp): For me, being on an Apple device, there is always Messages, and FaceTime is now multiplatform. But there is also Telegram (excellent), Signal (also very good), Wire, Viber, Confide, all of which have a focus on privacy and therefore most likely surpass the “big ones” safety-wise.

I will enjoy the search for better outlets of my ideas, likes, texts, rants, pics, etc. It won’t be hard. I have been thinking about it for years, but was just staying where the crowd was, where the momentum was, and… there is always something simple about the status quo. But simple is not always the right thing to do. So duck you Facebook. I know you don’t need me. And I have discovered I don’t need you. But you need US. And hopefully more of us will leave you until you wake-up.

so for now:

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