Life. Be in it.

Life is too much important a thing ever to talk seriously about it. – Oscar Wilde

Life. Be in it. – Australian Government Advertising Campaign

We race towards the end of the year and a decade. When once our lives might have been calming down into…

Listening is a disappearing skill. We need to practice and to learn to move beyond what is being said.

The Lost Art

In a world where it has never been easier to shout, shut ourselves in bubbles of likeminded folk and react angrily, listening is becoming a lost art. We…

I have to admit it was a rant. I saw yet another post from a familiar self-help thought leader inviting me to ‘crush it’. Inspired by the rants that are common in that genre, I tweeted my own:

The tweet even has the typo that signals a rant. This tweet…

Not many straight lines…

When an entrepreneur dreams up a new product opportunity and launches their start-up, they are surrounded with advice on the steps to follow:

  • Define the customer problem or job to be done
  • Develop a minimum viable product as a solution
  • Prove product-market fit by winning customer support
  • Validate scalability, unit…

We all have a moment of entanglement. We are beavering away at our work, pouring all our efforts into a task that we believe of the greatest importance. We are stressed and feel overwhelmed by what we have to do. …

That uncomfortable moment when we both wonder ‘who is leading this? I hope it is not me’

The transformation of organisations to adapt to new digital networked economy and to leverage future of work behaviours creates new discomfort for leaders. Leadership is not the art of making things good or having the right answers. Leadership is the art of enabling others to work together through discomfort.


Simon Terry

Future of work. Design Thinking. Leadership. Digital and Social Innovation. Customer Experience. Culture.

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