«Are you okay?»

This story describes a spontaneous encounter between Lucy and another dreamer.

Lucy is the main protagonist to outline the whole universe surrounding luce — a speculative approach of a quantified-dream device. You can find some of the stories about her view on dreams and how she is interacting with such a quantified-dream device.

On the way to buy groceries, a young person stopped me asking if I was okay. I didn‘t know the other person, and I have to be honest, it felt a little bit odd. I answered: „Yes I‘m fine, why are you asking?“

„I just.. sorry maybe this is stupid, I was looking at your Luce and I just remembered a dream I had recently. It was pretty horrific“ answered the still, unfamiliar person.

„Oh..“ says Lucy now open-minded and very curious to hear the story behind the dream the other person experienced.

The two dreamers hold their Luce close together. The glasses clink together and swipe the dreams to each others glass, like saying salut before drinking and sharing the content of the glass to see that none of the drinks is poisoned.

Both staring at their own Luce, the dreams evolve in each glass to form a unique blend of the two, now merged dreams.

„So. This feels a little bit like if we would dream together“ says the stranger to Lucy.

Lucy smiles back.

„Yeah, maybe our subconsciousnesses are friends now.“