The Magic Touch

This story describes Lucys unboxing moment of luce — a speculative dream device — and how it influences her dreams.

Lucy is the main protagonist to outline the whole universe surrounding luce — a speculative approach of a quantified-dream device. You can find some of the stories about her view on dreams and how she is interacting with such a quantified-dream device.

Lucy got her first Luce a week ago. She was very excited when she unboxed it. As soon as she looked at her Luce, its light blinked, like saying „Hello“. She wanted to start dreaming immediately. But it was 3pm in the afternoon and Lucy didn‘t really feel tired. She tried to sleep but it was summer and around 30° Degrees outside and the sun was beaming through the shutters on her face. She tried hard but she couldn‘t sleep, neither could she dream. „Maybe I wasn‘t meant to dream right now.“ said Lucy to herself.

The next couple of nights, Lucy wasn‘t really dreaming or at least that‘s what she thought. We actually dream every night. Sometimes we just can‘t remember it. Lucy was probably too nervous. She really wanted to test her new Luce. After a few nights her urge calmed down a little. And she finally experienced a dream. Her Luce was blinking with a soft light when she awoke, as it was already waiting to hear her dreamstory! She grabbed her Luce, sitting on its docking station close to her bed and started whispering her dream into the device.

„…I was a krautwurst jumping through the forest“

says Lucy with a very tired, soft voice into the device. Luce listens closely. Paying attention to every detail Lucy said.

Since Lucy got her first Luce, her friends call her a dreamer. She really likes this description, so she started to describe herself as a professional dreamer and takes full advantage of this tongue-in- cheek occupation.

Recently Lucy got more aware of something she normally didn‘t really pay attention to — Daydreaming. Daydreams are passing thoughts we have during the day. For some part we are present in what‘s happening around us on the other hand our brain is filling the holes with random thoughts. She started recording those dreams as well as capturing everything that reminded her of her dreams.

A Krautwurst jumping through the forest

Lucy recently stumbled upon a quote from a Chinese philosopher, about being a butterfly in his dream. Or was the butterfly dreaming about being him? For Lucy it doesn‘t really matter wether she‘s in the dream of someone or somewhere else, neither does it how the device is meant to work. In the end it‘s her device and the main thing that is of relevance to her right now is capturing the stories of her dreams.



Designing with @designit, also music curator @orangepeel_ch & exploring potential futures with INT RA

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Simon Gwinner

Designing with @designit, also music curator @orangepeel_ch & exploring potential futures with INT RA