A place where dreams meet each other

This story describes how Lucy is sharing and interacting with her own dreams and dreams from others with the help of a speculative dream device.

Lucy is the main protagonist to outline the whole universe surrounding luce — a speculative approach of a quantified-dream device. You can find some of the stories about her view on dreams and how she is interacting with such a quantified-dream device.

„I don‘t really know how many dreams I‘ve collected since I’ve got my Luce. It feels a little bit like a lawless dream universe, filled with dreams from dreamers all around the world, floating around & interacting with each other.

Sometimes I like to observe my own dreams, just to see how they evolve, how they dance & sculpt themselves.

Recently my boyfriend got himself a Luce as well. When we dream of each other, we send our dream sculptures to each other. Then it feels a little bit like we dreamed the same dream, just in different ways. This made me reflect. As soon as you tell somebody else your dream, it‘s no more your dream but it’s someone else’s. They last for 24 hours before they expire and start to reform.

No dream is the same. They are all different. When observing dreams from strangers, I always try to imagine what‘s going on in their head, make up stories what they may have dreamed about and why. Funnily enough I don‘t really know what‘s going on in my own head and why I am dreaming of certain things but I’m okay with that. Probably other dreamers feel the same. However there are specific movements, forms and colours that look similar. I wouldn‘t call them patterns, because as soon as they repeat themselves, they are already a little bit different. A little bit like emotions. They give me hints of myself and I also think they transport hidden messages that I now can explore for myself.

A deer made of rainbow shiny colors

I give each of my dreams a name, something that reminds me of the moment I dreamed and Luce brings them to life.

Since I use my Luce, I can remember my dreams way more often now. And I dream nearly every night, sometimes even up to 4 dreams in one night.“



Designing with @designit, also music curator @orangepeel_ch & exploring potential futures with INT RA

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Simon Gwinner

Designing with @designit, also music curator @orangepeel_ch & exploring potential futures with INT RA