Why Trump Should Keep Running the Trump Organization

There have been numerous reports about Donald Trump’s potential conflicts of interest given his unwillingness to properly sever his ties to the Trump Organization. I understand the worry, but I have a different view on this.

I actually think that Mr. Trump should stay on as president and chairman of his company, and even be involved in the day-to-day affairs. After all, were Mr. Trump to keep an eye on his business, he may be more likely to keep an eye out for peace and stability around the world, so long as his own assets are at risk.

Trump World Seoul is less than fifty miles from the border to North Korea, so maybe Mr. Trump will think twice before letting Kim Jong-un launch an attack. Perhaps the Trump Towers in India will make him more curious about South Asia in general and nudge him to prevent India and Pakistan from destabilizing the region. And Mr. Trump’s hotel and golf courses in Dubai provide incentives for him to stop a nuclear holocaust in the Middle East.

Unfortunately, I am only half-joking.

Simon Hedlin