Office 365 key to digital transformation

Technology is impacting our world in such a way that what brought you success in the past, most likely will not do so in the future. Customers expect to interact with your business in the same digital ways they do with family and friends, and employees have new expectations when it comes to where and how they get work done.

This all sounds rather daunting, but before you decide to retire to the woods for a life away from technology, consider that together with these challenges come plenty of opportunities. Technology and more specifically the cloud have never been easier to embrace and will help you engage customers, empower employees, optimise operations and transform products. The movement towards this way of working has become known as digital transformation.

For many, digital transformation is intimidating and seems unreachable. This is why our approach at bSOLVe is to simplify things, by focusing on helping you to create a digital workplace. What is a digital workplace? A digital workplace is a collection of the digital tools provided by a business to enable its employees to do their jobs more productively.

The good news is that you’ve probably already made the investment into the digital tools you need. If not, don’t worry, it’s not something that’s going to cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, it may very well save you money compared to what you’re currently using. The software I’m talking about is Microsoft Office 365 and it offers the most powerful tool set available.

With Office 365 and a willingness to change, you are ready to create your digital workplace. If you’re unsure about what Office 365 offers or what Office 365 edition you’re licensed for (if you already have it), get in touch with bSOLVe; we’ll give you the advice you need to take things forward.

The first step is to understand your business challenges and identify those you think you need assistance with. This may sound complicated, but it’s not. What you need to know is very likely stored in the minds of the people in your business. You just need to sit down with them and have a conversation. Without focusing on technology, talk about what they think the business does well and what it does badly (and why).

Once you have a better understanding of the challenges your business faces, bSOLVe can help you identify the ways in which Office 365 will be able to help, including creating scenarios which demonstrate how problems will be solved. This process needs to involve all impacted business users, since you may need to adapt the technology or your business to get the result you’re after. Allowing focused groups to play around with proposed solutions is a great way to make sure you’re on the right track.

After exploring the technology and business changes and their impact, bSOLVe will help you to create a tailored system implementation plan. The way forward is plotted as far ahead as possible and then implemented in small, digestible chunks in the form of bSOLVe’s Digital Workplace Roadmap. We’ll use your Digital Workplace Roadmap to guide the what, how and when of your journey as you move forward.

Once your plan is in place, you can move ahead and implement the first project as defined by your Digital Workplace Roadmap. Most things will go well but others may likely need adaptation along the way to reach a successful conclusion. Think of this as more of a journey than a destination, since the technology landscape and your business will evolve over time.

Based on the results of your first project you’ll then adapt your Digital Workplace Roadmap if needed and start preparing for your next project. This process is repeated iteratively, with bSOLVe as the perfect partner for this journey. We’ll ensure you have the right technology adapted for your business to succeed in these disruptive but exciting times.