How To Spend It

Total number of items recommended in Jan 9 issue of the FT How To Spend It magazine — 169 – 2.72 per page

Total cost of items recommended — £1,084,312 — £17,488 per page

Most expensive item — secondhand Iso Grifo car — £280,000

Cheapest item — hair products from Fourth Floor in Clerkenwell — £16

Bargain (from the ‘Loose Change’ section of ‘first-class finds for under £100’) — Le Labo Rose 31 laundry detergent — £47 for 475ml

Most expensive item of clothing — Chanel tweed and sequin jacket — £25,073

Most expensive item of male clothing — Burberry wool and shearling-collared Chesterfield coat — £2,495

Most expensive item of furniture — Achille Salvagni Silk Gold cabinet — €135,000

Most perplexing item — onyx pillow sconces embellished with brass orbs— €17,000

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