Marking transitions within your life will completely change it.

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“La vie est un long fleuve tranquille” — French Movie, 1988

To all the women I have loved, lost, and learned from.

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Some friendships you just can’t explain.

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Not bound by time
Not bound by space
A connection so pure
Think it was touched by grace

I can’t explain it
Neither can you
I am forever grateful
Forever close to you


Russ is the king of independent creators. Here is what I have learned from him and plan to implement so I can become a successful writer.

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They are back, and it is not just hype this time around.

Bitcoin/USD price chart

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There’s always more to a person than your…

Medium is the best social media platform out there, let’s keep it that way.

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Human maketh and human destroyeth.

If you’re creating something, anything, you will face this dilemma sooner or later.

Will you become the greatest version of yourself or the version that touches the widest audience and makes the most money?

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I figured out how to balance my decisions, to follow heart and passion where it feels right and head…

What is it really, then, that comes between men and independent individuals of the opposite sex?

And the steps to get there.

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Simon Hamelin

Curious of all, master of none.

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