How I Arrived At This Point

Let me tell you a short story about how I arrived at this point. Now this is entirely a true story, there is nothing fictitious about this story what so ever.

It all began on a mild September day around 10:45 am. I was just doing my first job with a friend. We had started a landscaping business together and were on a high due to the fact that our work had began and we successfully had our new first customer.

We began the day by simply cleaning up the garden area where a new patio wast to be laid. This took a little longer than we had planned and as we were new and as yet without a great deal of experience. We had over ran by half an hour taking us through until one oclock and we had given ourselves the time of 12:30 to grab a 15 minute lunch. We had arranged promptly when considering the time that my friend was to drive to the nearest convenience store, one that we had passed five or so minutes before we arrived at the house.

So he jumped in the van and off he drove leaving me to just finish of the preparation for the new slabs to be laid.

I counted I had 5 slabs to literally pick up, walk three feet and lean them against a wall. “Easy” I thought. But then total disaster was to strike for whilst moving one of these slabs I slipped over on some mud (as it had been raining the night previous.) As I fell I caught the side of my head on the edge of the wall that I have referred to and I just remember lying there as I drifted into unconsciousness whilst thinking “oh my I have done something bad……

As far as the next 13.5 weeks went, well I can only remember a few strange and vivid dreams as I was waking up from my, what unfortunately had been a coma.

It transpired that my friend had returned from his journey to the shop to find me unconscious and knocked on the door of the customer so that he could use the telephone to phone an ambulance as he dared not move me as I was lying in a pool of blood.

As I alluded to earlier I slipped into a coma to wake 13.5 weeks later very confused as to where I was. Unbeknown to me I had regularly had my friends and family around my bedside keeping a silent vigil but at the time I regained consciousness there was no one to be seen. Not even a nurse.

I very quickly figured that I was In a hospital as my eyes flitted from side to side as I desperately tried to find my bearings especially due to my confusion anyway. I tried to prop myself up as I readied to get up when “oh ohh” my right arm just did not work, it was simple. So I attempted to swing my legs from the bed and “oh ohh” again. My right leg would obey either. It did not take me long to figure out that I had obviously damaged my head in the fall that believe it or not, I still vaguely remembered

A panic arose In me as I yelled out “nurse” Then to top it off, I found that I could not utter a word, grunt or growl so I started to bang a plastic box against the metal bed in order to get some attention. This I had luckily located on a nearby side unit which was dressed with several get well soon cards.

Well after my friend had explained just what he had found on that fateful day I guess you would think that I would feel lucky to be alive. I did not.

Why you may ask. Well it really is very simple. I spent a further 16 months in a rehabilitation ward where I tried to get my voice back and learn to walk and use my right arm again. Whilst there I met several “patients” Some of who died or could understand the most basic of anything, or, were just plain old weirdos.

By the end of 16 months my voice had returned although it was very quiet. Then when I was told I was leaving I thought I was finally “allowed” to return home, but oh no I was to be carted off to another rehabilitation home full of very ill people where I spent another eight months. The only thing I enjoyed there was sleep time at night.

When my time arrived to move back home I moved in with my sister whilst they looked for a flat for me. When they found one my sister went to look at it and came to the conclusion that it was the perfect fit for me so I took it and have now lived here 8 years. I am still wheel chair bound though unfortunately.

In order to occupy my time I joined a computer university if you will. It as I knew would alleviate my boredom and as it was all about building websites I knew that I could also make some money whilst also learning. A win win.

As I was sedentary and more or less immobile I started to pile on the weight. I amassed a total of 5–6 stones. (84 lbs) and new that I desperately needed to learn what to eat and lose weight as I had become accustomed to eating very regularly whilst in care but left to my own devices I found myself over eating. A part of it was to comfort myself and a part of it was through boredom as I lived alone

As previously alluded to I started this kind of university and I opted for the weight loss niche as it seemed like it was something I had an issue with and also an interest. Now I have been there a year and have learned so much and met some of the great community of like minded individuals who are all on the quest for knowledge and wealth like myself

You can check out my progress so far at and see what help it will be to you if you are suffering from any weight issues.

I hope you have enjoyed my post and I look forward to your comments.

Thank you