Sweet story! :) Is the game already available?
André Kishimoto

Thank you very much! Rapunzel is not yet playable but we keep making progress. The work however is done in our spare time so we are making games more for the fun than for the money.

But this is something that I think is best when making things that should make people smile or that should make fun. Without a deadline you can concentrate on the details as long as you want.

Sure compromises have to be made — but making games should be for the fun.

I will let you know when Rapunzel is about to be released.

Also this is my first story here on medium about Rapunzel. There’s is more to come. I have planned to release a development blog and already have some stories in my mind which I really would like to share. Hopefully the might be able to give some inspiration to other people!

So stay tuned,