The Clock (2010) — Christian Marclay
UTS Buildings (Simon Layoun)

I have chosen Christian Marclay as my film maker to explore the technique of a series of fragments that build a whole as he transforms sound sound, music and art into a physical piece of work. In Christian Marclay’s film it combines panning and a series of different camera shoot fragments. This is shown starting at 0:25 where there is a man moving his arm, this movement is recorded with a pan as the scene changed to a still shot of a clock/ He shot close-ups and zooms on these areas to create the effect of fragmented series. His movie ‘The Clock’ is a looped 24 hour montage which functions as a clock with real-time references according to the time of day. This allows us to remotely understand the film makers idea and the characters roles and power of time. Similarly in my video, the various effects of panning and fragments of UTS buildings throughout the day looped in a series to show what is happening and the change which occurs in different scenes. Both videos show quick fragments such as buildings and people. Christian Marclay’s style of work is unique and has a special meaning to his works to create his visual artworks


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