STUDENT 3047619

A fun palace full of activities defined by pieces of architecture (Fun Palace Cedric Price).

As remade, British Architect Cedric Price had created extraordinary combinations of architectural drawing theories to produce a new way of portraying such designs in a sophisticated manner. The fun palace changed and revised the way people saw architecture and creation.

Figure 1. Fun Palace Cedric Price

figure 1

In relation to Cedric Price and my design there are multiple similarities through buildings and the layout of the design.

Figure 2. Simon Layoun drawing 2017

figure 2

The creation of figure 2 was based on buildings around UTS. The term “fun place” expanded in my mind when i explored around UTS. This design was created using a photograph and a pencil with freehand drawing skills which brought the focal point to be the top left of this image due to its large use of different lines and textures. Multiple buildings in the drawn image gives a contrast of the everyday life versus the work lifestyle into the location of UTS and was created by merging multiple buildings as represented by with Cedric Price which created a multipurpose atmosphere of everyday lifestyle and work.

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