UX Design : User Flow — Conversation Wireframes & Research_Nov.29th

Based on the person type and storyboard, I created 2 user conversations talking with a car built-in computer: receiving a text message including one image, checking out new posts on a user’s SNS (Facebook). During the conversations, a driver will be facing some situations required to see the screen of the car system. Although one of opportunities of my concept is that any visual attentions could be distractions, I learned glance visual images are not a big issue while driving by research on competitors (forum post).

What I tried on these conversations is to make them less time-consuming and less visual attentions since the main purpose of my idea is to keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel. Since the user performances by voice while driving are about 90%, drivers would not be distracted by looking at the car screen.

Additional Research

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