Brussels bombings : how far will the media circus go ?

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With the reccurrence of high-profile attacks (1), I notice that the little music which accompanies it has been perfected in, conversely, a still smaller amount of time.

Less than two hours after the Brussels attacks this morning, or maybe even less than an hour (2), a small contingent of cartoonists already poured its dripping tributes on internet. It’s well known that water wets, and tears is water. QED.

And it wets so much that it splashes everybody on this occasion : twittomaniacs retweet until overdose without passing by the nirvana, editorialists hasten to write something like we nervously draw in charcoal, experts in-everything-and-nothing share their opinion with the same restraint that characterizes house painters, general TV channels play to be news TV channels and then news TV channels play to be omniscient TV channels (3), the onlookers drew solidarity messages in chalk on a Brussels square, a printomaniac (4) left a Plantu’s freshly wet drawing tribute at the foot of the new-mausoleum at Republic square in Paris, brave reporters are sent up to tell the-untold-that-they-will-still-tell and now a human chain was formed to circulate the water-filled buckets.

It’s getting wet, it’s overfloowing, it’s slipping : political sharks are also out and about then. Mastering fire and water like pyromaniac firefighters, they fire and water in the same second without shame. Oh c’mon I give you a little knock here, oh c’mon I give you a little knock there… and boum, here, a damp squib for posterity (5). It seems that they even defy the laws of physics to blithely get to use the two elements without never going up in smoke. Pity.

That’s the way it goes in our wait-and-see and now wait-and-die (6) European societies — should we see a relation of cause and effect ? — there are very few people, if any at all, to question the aquatic circus at high tide, and there is a sea lion army making a ‘flap flap’ sound with their front legs until low tide, looking delighted if not stupid, not knowing if they are applauding the show or celebrating themselves into the onanique and contemporary voyeurism.

The little music has become an industrial hit whose chorus slowly drifted from a « take heart ! » to a « take a selfie stick ! ». And the most terrifying in industrial music, it’s not its lyrics but its very essence : the design, planning and distribution of a melody as cold and methodical as emotions it seeks to trigger are hot and messy.

Then what next for the aquatic circus ? Will the next bombing be open to booking, with front-row seats and VIP lounge ? Will we draw pretty commemorative frescoes with victims’ blood ? Will we produce a special live broadcast from Daesh terrorists HQ to get their feedback in prime time ?

Go on, I double dare you !

If some want to get wet, do it for real then.

(1) I point out “high profile” (publicized) as opposed to all the other attacks that did not kill enough people like you to have the right to make the front page news.

(2) Sorry, I’ve got a little doubt about the time, I didn’t take my perfectionism as far as the morbid perversity of these users on’s live text, who took offense at the slowness of the live text at times (evidence that vampires exist and are among us) or picked a scab on the number of dead and wanted to know if it was 13 or 15 (oh really, why, would they put a pink tie instead of the blue one as if it was 13 or 15 deads, would their day be more or less quiet, more or less sad, would they know which numbers to play the lottery? Someone explain, please).

(3) So thank iTélé (french news TV channel) for having broadcasted images of a former bombing in Moscow, but it’s still not your fault eh, you wanted of course to inform viewers who themselves had every intention of interrupting their breakfast to have the images of the attack, to be really sure to see people shocked and panicked running in all directions and not dancing under a disco ball with glitter everywhere.

(4) At this stage, yes, we must recognize and describe this mental disorder. If you recognize yourself, please see a doctor.

(5) I refer you to the tweets of Bruno Le Roux or even hilarious and pathetic Robert Ménard. This list is totaly non exhaustive.

(6) “wait-and-die”, means to take a bombing in the face. The expression doesn’t exist but given the situation and the unable people who lay laws and a magical state of emergency, start to get used to it now.

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