Get $100k in Matic by using this revolutionary dApp.

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There are numerous such articles on Medium where you can earn Matic Coins. However, a new platform called Oyori has been launched. This is a very attractive money-making platform. To understand what Oyori is and how to obtain and use OYO Token.

What is Oyori(OYO Token)?

OYORI is a revolutionary decentralized application platform built on the Polygon Chain, a self-contained blockchain. OYORI is a high-performance platform designed to provide a wide range of services on a single platform. The Polygon Network serves as the foundation for the OYO Token.

MATIC can be exchanged for OYO tokens on OYORI’s own cryptocurrency exchange. OYO tokens are tokens with a clever twist: whenever someone else buys, sells, or trades the token, the OYO holder earns MATIC directly based on the number of tokens held (in percentage of total amount minted).

This means that the moment you begin holding OYO tokens, you will begin accumulating “free” MATIC, which will be distributed to you on every transaction based on the number of OYO tokens you have on the exchange! This exchange and token are transparent, secure, and trustworthy because the entire system is powered by an open-source smart contract deployed on POLYGON Chain.

The OYO Token

OYO(Oyori) Token is Oyori’s official and native token. The OYO smart contract provides holders with a self-generating income mechanism.

It is a community-driven project that, under certain conditions, distributes and rewards MATIC among community members.

The OYO Token was created on the Polygon Blockchain and can be purchased with MATIC in the Oyori dApp on Trustwallet/MetaMask.

Because the payment for OYO is made in MATIC rather than dollars, you will be able to benefit from any price increases. Holders can sell their OYOs whenever they want, giving them a lot of flexibility.

Because nothing is locked in the account, holders benefit from both MATIC coin dividends and OYO price appreciation, which results in more MATIC.

The Rewards

MATIC reflection token ecosystems’ future has arrived. Holders of OYO will earn passive rewards simply by keeping the token in their wallet, as each transaction, such as buy, sell, and dividend withdrawal, incurs a tax fee of 10%, 10%, and 10%, respectively, which is distributed evenly to all existing token holders based on their OYO volume in the wallet.

A portion of each transaction is set aside for marketing, the liquidity pool, and a rewards pool for all holders. As a result, OYO aims to promote a “hold and earn” culture that reduces sales pressure.

This is accomplished through smart contract functions that automate token distribution, with holders only needing to manage the wallet in which their tokens are stored.

Once a new user purchases the OYO in their dApp, the rewards are automatically available for distribution. One of the best features is that you can control your own reward payouts in the Oyori dApp by withdrawing whenever you want.

Huge Passive Income

The first major advantage is passive income. Here, one can make a lot of money by being passive or recommending other people. The above passive is exactly what your direct refers to. First level: 10%, second level: 2.5%, third level: 1%, fourth level: 0.75%, fifth to ninth level: 0.50%, tenth level: 0.75%, eleventh level: 1%, and twelfth level: 1.5%. By recommending this powerful system, one can make a lot of money.

The second benefit of income is crucial in this case. Oyori (OYO) generates a lot of money from its system. When someone buys an OYO token, 61% of the money goes to the OYO community, and 39% is distributed to all OYO holders based on their OYO holdings. So, here is your maximum OYO, and you will reap greater benefits.

Benefit of Lifetime Royalty Club

The Lifelong Royalty Club is a fantastic way to earn money. This can provide you with a lifetime income from royalties. There are three types of lifetime royalty:

  1. Green club (1% lifetime royalty)
  2. Yellow club (2% lifetime royalty)
  3. Blue club (3% lifetime royalty).

You must meet a few simple requirements to be eligible for lifetime royalty.

The First Green Club members are entitled to 1% lifetime royalty. You must make a self-investment of 2000 Matics and a direct referral business membership of 4000 Matics to qualify for this income.

Members of the 2nd Yellow Club are entitled to a 2% royalty for life. To qualify for this income, you must make a self-investment of 5000 Matics and a direct referral business membership of 10000 Matics.

Third Blue Club members are entitled to a 3% lifetime royalty. To be eligible for this income, you must make a self-investment of 10,000 Matics and a direct referral business membership of 20,000 Matics.

The Royalty Club shares 6% of its profits with all members. A minimum of two direct referrals are required by each royalty club. You may refer more than one person, but there must be a minimum of two.

How To Buy OYO Token?

  1. Download Trustwallet or MetaMask and send all MATIC into it via the Polygon Network through your exchange.
  2. In Trustwallet, go to the dApps section and paste this link:
  3. Ensure that you are connected to the Polygon Network, which can be seen in the upper right corner of the image.
  4. After connecting to the wallet, deposit and register all of your MATIC.
  5. There you have it, you now own OYO Token. Get ready for a daily dividend!

It’s a new project with a lot of potential. This is a fantastic opportunity for those who have previously missed out on such large sums of MATIC. If you have any questions or need help, please message me on Telegram.

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