This year, in honor of Nationalism,we compiled some of the best sometime because we didn’t knew,but…
Malek Deng

Sudanese Indigenous people Live closed to Nile river with Unknown what is going to take our land way from us, unsure,Today a land no longer ours land which is Sudan,Lost in wars,Of long ago we were lived with the vision of passion in Sudan but today we lost that vision,Many of us live at this moment without real vision,Cultures no more,We live in societies which is put the wrong name for Sudanese Indigenous,Torn from the past,It breeds in us all,A culture no more,We fight our own doubts,About cultures lost, Sudan of today is Arabic country just 25 % has still Africa,Who are we really? Natives of this land, Do religion has made Sudan to become Arabic or Sudanese people?,I speak for those Who believe in their dreams? Only to learn,We are heathens of old,Land once belonged,To the natives of this world,Now it belongs to a system,That is tainted with wars,The wild fields of old,Live on in our dreams,Dreams that our forefathers bared,I’m a native,

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