More bullshit.
W. Island

I love it when apologists use the race card crocodile tears. One can argue on social polices Trump is worse but if you hadn’t noticed things are pretty bad already and getting worse from establishment polices from the corrupt two neoliberal parties. The thing is Trump can be worse in the short term but this isn’t just about the short term but long term progress, and it can often be the case that if a system is broken it will necessarily get worse before it gets better. Clinton like Obama is part of that neoliberal system and unlike you a few identity politics crumbs isn’t enough to blind us to that.

And your response isn’t surprising anyway since you are defender of Obama and smacks of your own privilege and establishment info-bubble isolation. Your cluelessness regarding how bad things are and both Clinton’s and Obama’s complicity in this stops any meaningful conversation regarding this topic.

Oh and the reason real Progressives are criticizing Obama about the money he is getting from that speech is corruption is never ok. If you want to get informed about that, search for interviews with Prof Bill Black who helped put hundreds of bankers in jail.

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