Twitter recategorises — and FINALLY discovers its true self

Pic: Edwin Kuipers/Crowdynews (via Creative Commons)

Sometimes, all it takes is the subtlest of changes to send a message, to make a difference, to re-position yourself for better profile, traction and credibility.

This week, Twitter re-categorised itself from ‘social network’ to ‘news’ channel — a smart move IMHO (in my humble opinion).

For me, Twitter has always been a news channel, not a network to socialise on (though conversations with your community are relevant on any channel).

Ever since I jumped on Twitter, I have used it as a news feed: selecting a wide range of organisations to follow, be they news networks and publishers (e.g. AFR) or more commercial entities, along with business and professional connections whom I’m interested in having a conversation with.

This setting has allowed me to customise and keep abreast of news, debate and current affairs that matter to me and my clients and connections.

Twitter has never been Facebook, nor YouTube, nor any other social network you care to mention.

Also: aside from artificially engineering a new No.1 category ranking for itself, as TechCrunch pointed out, I hope the real outcome Twitter eventually realises for itself is the fact that it will have finally found its true self and thus gets to enjoy its own degree of commercial success.

Because the #futureofnewsmedia depends on this companion platform. (IMHO).

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