I don’t think I need to explain what a button is. It’s a very basic UI control that you can find in all apps and has the ability to handle users’ touch, and trigger a certain action. If you have learned iOS programming before, Button in SwiftUI is very similar to UIButton in UIKit. It’s just more flexible and customizable. You will understand what I mean in a while. In this tutorial, I will go through with you this SwiftUI control and you’re to learn the following techniques:

  1. How to create a simple button and handle the user’s selection
  2. How…

Thanks for subscribing our AppCoda Tutorial on Medium. This week, we published a new tutorial on ARKit, that will walk you through the entire process of importing a 3D photogrammetry model into ARKit, and make it look as realistic as possible, using the tools that ARKit and SceneKit provide.

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Like most developers, you’re probably looking for ways to make extra money from your app. The most straightforward way is to put your app in the App Store and sell it for $0.99 or more. This paid model works really well for some apps. But this is not the only monetization model. In this tutorial, let’s see how to monetize your app using Google AdMob.

Hey, why Google AdMob? We’re developing iOS apps. Why don’t we use Apple’s iAd?

Apple discontinued its iAd App Network on June 30, 2016. Therefore, you can no longer use iAd as your advertising solution…

So, what’s QR code? I believe most of you know what a QR code is. In case you haven’t heard of it, just take a look at the above image — that’s a QR code.

QR (short for Quick Response) code is a kind of two-dimensional bar code developed by Denso. Originally designed for tracking parts in manufacturing, QR code has gained popularity in consumer space in recent years as a way to encode the URL of a landing page or marketing information. Unlike the basic barcode that you’re familiar with, a QR code contains information in both the horizontal…

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